About Us


What Are We Up to?

We are a group in the LGBT community who have years of combined experience in corporate America. But we have decided that is not for us. We are looking for something different – just a lifestyle that suits us better.

Is that you too?

Our Team

Our team has been involved with network marketing professionals at the very top of the game. Seriously. Industry leaders, individuals who know how to become successful. Extremely successful.  And we really enjoy helping others achieve the same.

Now we want to continue to build  our team, surrounding ourselves with truly like-minded individuals.

What company are we in?

We do not promote a particular network marketing company or program. Instead we provide information the network marketing profession (and yes, it is a profession) as a whole.

We are members of the LGBT community ourselves – and invite you to join us.

Will I get pitched for a network marketing company?

No. We don’t offer to work with just everyone that shows up.  And that is how we suggest everyone build their own business. Once we get to know you we will be able to tell if you might be a good fit for our team. And then we will talk.

Meet the Team

We have a growing team, and more people are added all the time. Check back for updates!

Tom Leonard

Tom Leonard, MBA, has been an internet and network marketing professional for many years with experience at some of the largest tech and entertainment companies in the world.

Next Steps…

Get in touch. Go to our Connect page and send us a message to set up a one-on-one conversation.