6 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Network Marketing Business With Your Friends And Family

Everyone in and out of the network marketing profession has horror stories of talking to their friends and family. But done right it is one of the very best strategies. And here is why:

6 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Network Marketing Business With Your Friends And Family

  1. It will improve their lives. The products you promote make a positive impact in people’s lives. And you want to make sure they know that. Hopefully you can have a story about how by using the products you have changed your life for the better. And you want to share it with others you care about.This is true for both the products you promote as well as the business opportunity.If you cannot honestly make this statement, you are with the wrong company. How can you sell something you don’t believe in?
  2. Practice. By talking with friends and family it will give you practice. Especially at first. You need to talk to a lot of people to be successful in this profession. And there is no better way than to start making your presentation to a sympathetic audience. Learn in the least stressful situation.Now it only makes sense that you cannot overdo this. Don’t badger people at every opportunity. But make sure they have had the chance to see what you are up to.
  3. Get used to people saying “no”. To be successful as a network marketing pro you will be hearing the word “no” a lot. And I mean a lot. The simple trick here is to not take it personally. Remember they are not rejecting you (a very common feeling) but saying no to the product or opportunity at that time.These people already like you, right? So you know they are still going to like you even if the answer is “no”. Get it? Reinforced that concept that it is not a personal rejection.
  4. It will tell you something about your friends. Do you share the same outlook on life as your friends? Are they an unnecessary negative influence on you? Do they add to your life? Tough questions. But they need to be answered honestly.If the answer is no, then maybe it is time to move along to other friends. Ones that are a positive influence on you and your crowd. It will make a tremendous difference in your live.Of course you are sort of stuck with your family. But you can also decide who in your family you want to spend time with the most.
  5. Teaches you follow up. Following up is the key to success. The rule is to talk to at least two people a day – and then follow up. With friends and family you will have many opportunities to do just that. You will be seeing them again and again.Now again you don’t want to badger them every time you see them. But unlike with those in your cold market you don’t have to make a special effort to create that additional contact situation.
  6. They join you. One of the beauties of the network marketing profession is that you get to surround yourself with people that you want to be around. How amazing is that? And what if some of the people that join you on your journey are already your friends. Or members of your family. Think of how great that could be. You get to spend even more time with them doing the things you want to be doing.

You need to be talking to friends and family. If you do not feel comfortable, then you should honestly think about the business you are promoting. And don’t be afraid to switch it up.


Take Control of Your Health in These Uncertain Times – Facebook Live Video

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

I am absolutely going to achieve 3 things in 2017:

  • A healthier life – including losing weight (sound familiar this time of year?) Incredibly important. And never too late to start!
  • Master my time – to get the most out of what I am given
  • Meet my business goals – right up on the wall here to remind me

What are the 5 things you can start doing today to become healthier in this uncertain world?

  • Lose weight
  • Eat right
  • Go to bed
  • Exercise
  • Reduce stress
  • All of the above

If you are paying attention to the news and what is happening in our country – and you should – there are daily stories about what is happening to our healthcare system in the United States.

Some are serious discussions. Others are even fake news (the keyword of our society today). But no matter what happens it will impact us all. In one way or another.

This is not a political discussion. This is a quality of life discussion. The only thing certain is uncertainty. And that adds to all of our stress.

No matter where things end up – and no one knows where that will be – there are things that each of us can do to minimize the impact of these changes in the long run.

The good news here is that we can take charge of our lives right now – today – and it will impact our health. The health of our families. Our friends. Our community. And our country.

But it starts with each of us making a decision to take charge of our lives. No one else can do it.

All of the things mentioned above – losing weight, eating right, going to bed on time, exercising, and reducing stress – are not easy things to tackle. Otherwise we would already be doing it right?

I won’t go into each of these topics here. I have covered or will cover them in more detail. I wanted to give you a push, a nudge, to get started. Today

The best and most lasting impact will come from making small incremental changes each day. Being consistent. And not falling out when we have a lapse or two. It is going to happen. I know from experience.

But one of the best pieces of advice I heard is that when doing something constructive – like losing weight – is to focus on the long term. Change your habits gradually. And if you “accidentally” drive through Krispy-Kreme don’t beat yourself up. Just get back on track. Sort of like a GPS system for your life.

Take control of your health. It is too important to let others decide.


I hope this made some sense for you


Check out the health assessment to see how you are doing!

See you next time.

The Phrase That Pays

How many network marketers listen to tons of “gurus” out there?

Each one with the magic bullet. The secret to unlocking untold success. With a system that will generate leads on demand. Sometimes at almost no cost.

There are plenty that are just there to sell you something. But the good ones provide value. Real information that you can implement today and change you business. And some of it (actually a lot of it) is for free.

One of the top ones is Eric Worre at Network Marketing PRO. I have heard the speakers from his GoPRO event in Las Vegas. And it was truly amazing. So much information. And the best part was that the ideas were things that any network marketer can implement right away and get results.

Recently I heard his short video The Magic Word For Network Marketing Success

One phrase – “If I, would you?”.  Simple, right? Simple and powerful.

So I thought, “Okay, let’s give it a try.” Wow, it really, really works!

I do a lot of marketing on Twitter. I have over 60k followers in a few different accounts. And so I started testing the phrase. I have automated messages that go out to anyone following me. Of course that can look like spam. Like something that is robotic. But you know it actually works. The numbers prove it for me.

I started using the phrase “If I sent you a link to my free health assessment, would you have a chance to check it out?” to all new followers. And the response has been overwhelming. (I actually need to get back over there to keep up with the conversations I started.)

I will work on the exact wording to make sure it is pulling in the results that I know it can. But so far, it is a success.

I want to share these types of tricks and tips with everyone I meet on here. I want everyone to have the same type of results. It will work for my team. And I know it can work for you and your team if you give it a shot.

Once you start using it come back and share your experience in the comments below. That is how we learn. No reason to reinvent the wheel right? If someone is handing it to us.

Have a great week there and good luck in your network marketing career!


Crafting Your Network Marketing Story

Once you have joined a network marketing business – or if you are researching making the leap – you will learn that there are three components to the equation:

  1. Your Company’s Products
  2. Your Company’s Compensation Plan
  3. You

Which do you think is the most important? Of course. It is you.

Think about a company’s product lineup. Or compensation plan. First of all they are out of your control And they are very comparable with the competition. So when you are talking to a prospect you need to have a compelling reason why your company and plan are better than all the others. Or at least as good as anything out there.

This is the easy part.

More importantly you need to have your own network marketing story lined up. And it better be good.

Four requirements for your network marking story

Your network marketing story needs to be:

  1. Believable. First, when the listener hears your network marketing story, they need to come away with the feeling that this really is a true story. That your experience is not so far out there that no one could really have had that background. The caution here is to not make it seem so dire, so pitiful, that a normal person just couldn’t have achieved what you have achieved. But of course you are not normal, right?
  2. Relatable. In addition to being believable, the main character of the story (you) needs to be someone the listener can relate to. Someone they can empathize with on some level. Ideally the closer your story is to that of the listener, the more likely they will come away with the idea that they too can do what you did.
  3. Concise. Your story should be short – but powerful. Remember that the conversation with any prospect should be focused on the listener. Asking them questions. Letting them talk so you learn more. Get your story to a manageable length – just a few minutes is all that is needed. Otherwise the listener will start to get distracted.
  4. Compelling. The toughest requirement of your network marketing story is to have it be compelling. First think of the reason you are having the conversation. In a recruiting presentation you want to get the prospect to join your company. Gear your story with that in mind. You want the listener to realize – based on your story – that they can do just exactly what you did.

As you become successful in network marketing, you will have told your story many, many times. So you will have had the opportunity to fine tune it for maximum response. But at first – do not hesitate to practice it several times alone. So it will feel natural, and heartfelt.

How Big Is The Network Marketing Profession?

There are a few different names for the industry: network marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM), direct selling, etc. Network marketing is probably the best descriptive title. But how big is the industry?

Big, really big.


In 2015 total worldwide sales topped $183 billion. Amazing. And that was an increase of over 30% from 2011. Not only is it a huge business. It continues to grow. In the US alone sales were $36.1 billion in 2015. Any individual only has to have a tiny, tiny slice of that pie to do well.

Network Marketing Sales
YearGlobal Sales ($billion)



There were 103 million people involved in network marketing around the world in 2015. Compare that to the US Government (3.2 million) or Walmart (2.1 million) and you can see the sheer size of the industry. In the US in 2015 over 20 million people worked in network marketing – 8.3% of the adult population!

People In Network Marketing
YearGlobal Workforce (million)US Workforce (million)



This was one the most consistent numbers – the split between men and women who work in network marketing:

Network Marketing by Gender (US)
Year% Women% Men


Yes, the women dominate. Consistently. Sort of surprising at first but when you think about the products categories that are the most popular (see below) it makes sense.


Here is how things stacked up in 2015 by region:

Global Network Marketing Sales by Region
RegionSales ($ billion)Workforce (million)
North America$37.721.0
South America$25.214.0
Western Europe$29.54.0
Eastern Europe$5.910.5
Africa/Middle East$1.31.7


Pretty amazing. Asia has some powerhouse direct selling companies – China, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia. In fact Malaysia is #9 in the entire world for total sales!

Product Category

As you can imagine, almost everything can be sold in network marketing. And it is. Not surprising, the Wellness and Cosmetics/Personal Care categories are the largest. Here are the details:

Network Marketing Product Categories
Product Cateory% of Global Sales
Cosmetics/Personal Care0.315
Household Goods and Durables0.114
Financial Services0.03
Home Improvement0.025
Home Care0.02
Books, Toys, Stationary0.019



These numbers show the story. Network marketing is a huge profession – globally and in the US. If you are thinking about joining the industry you will be able to find the right program, the right products that fit your passion.

If you are interested in joining, check out our free checklist of the questions to ask. Do not go into it without knowing the facts. Click here for the free download.



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