Is going on a date with a 17 year old boy illegal?


sooooooooo hey

Second post here,first post was about my first gay date,this is about the same thing – but now my mom has another comment on it,it goes "Does he know its illegal for you both to go on a date?".

Apparently,my mother thinks its illegal in Germany for a 15 year old boy to go on a date with a 17 year old boy,when i asked her why she thinks that she just said "Because you ain't 16 yet",i get where shes coming from and that shes just worried about me but…what.

Bit more facts: you can have sex starting at the age of 14 here in germany,but only people below the age of 21,once you turn 17 you can basically have sex with anyone (thats atleast as far as i know)

So,basically the question is: is it illegal for me,a 15 year old gay boy,to date another 17 year old boy (whom ive met over a gay teen dating site,more info on that in the comments on my first post here) or not? im like 99.99% sure its not

(i get that for some 15 and 17 seems like just 2 years and for some it seems far too big of a gap,i personally see it just as 2 years but i get where y'all comin from so please no comments about dat)

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Jeremy Corbyn will back a People’s Vote on Brexit, if party members want one


Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn said he’ll back a second referendum on Brexit, if party members vote in favor of it.

The UK opposition leader said he prefers a general election, but will side with how the Labour Party members vote at an ongoing conference this week in Liverpool.

Prime Minister Theresa May recently tried to argue a deal for the UK with the European Union, but failed. European leaders rejected her Brexit plan at a Summit meeting in Salzburg, Austria this weekend.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has written a letter to the LGBTI community | Photo: Instagram

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has written a letter to the LGBTI community | Photo: Instagram

Jeremy Corbyn responded to the recent developments on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show this morning (23 September).

He said: ‘We could well be looking towards a general election.’

Marr states 87% of Labour Party members want a second referendum (also known as a People’s Vote) on Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn responded: ‘We’re having a debate at our conference and we’ll come to a conclusion on that.

‘Lets see what comes out of the conference and then obviously I’m bound by the democracy of our party,’ he added.

Deputy Labour Leader Tom Watson also recently said: ‘If the people’s party decide they want the people to have a final say on the deal, we have to respect the view of our members and we will go out and argue for it.’

More calls for a People’s Vote

Britain voted on Brexit on 26 June 2016. 51.9% voted leave, while 48.1 person voted to remain.

But now there are growing calls for a second referendum on Brexit, with gay Conservative MP Justine Greening adding her voice to the mix.

Justine Greening, Conservative MP for Putney, London, is one of the more high-profile LGBTI MPs in the UK Parliament

Justine Greening, Conservative MP for Putney, is one of the more high-profile LGBTI MPs in the UK Parliament. | Photo: Facebook

The Tory MP, who came out in 2016, says she wants to take Brexit back to the people.

‘Britain needs to find a route forward,’ she said. ‘We’ll be dragging Remain voters out of the EU for a deal that means still complying with many EU rules, but now with no say on shaping them.’

She added: ‘Whatever the proposal on the table, there will be MPs who vote it down.’

Reports also emerged today of Theresa May’s aides planning a ‘snap election’.

The UK could have to go back to the voting booths as early as November this year, so Theresa May can try to swing more power in Parliament.

Gay Star News’s exclusive Brexit report has found LGBTI people will be left vulnerable.

The EU locks the UK into protecting people on the basis of sexuality and gender identity. It provides gay, bi and trans people with a legal route to appeal if the UK doesn’t treat them fairly.

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New report finds ‘significant problems’ in police addressing hate crime in the UK

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LGBTI people need to know Brexit will put our rights at risk

Getting mixed signals from a guy who’s taken and now I’m conflicted…fair warning, it’s a long post.


There’s this guy (I’ll name him James) that I developed a crush on ever since the first day of grad school. My heart leap and I felt like I could be with this guy for the rest of my life.

When I found out that he was taken and in a LDR (long-distance relationship) I felt a bit sad. However, when we first made eye contact in class, I felt like we had a moment. I smiled and him and he smiled back. I’m not sure if he’s just being nice and all.

We started talking to each other, as well as texting each other every day until around midnight or 1:00am about random stuff or about our current relationships (at the time I was on a break with my then boyfriend, but now I’m single). We connected starting there because I was also in a LDR and we felt that our boyfriends were giving us double standards (for what they wanted from us/what they don’t want from us). Long story short with this part, I felt like he was flirting with me because of the way he texted me. He sometimes asked me what I was doing, or if my roommate went home for the weekend. He also asked me if I want to go out and get food at times. I’m not sure if I’m reading into it too much.

Next, we shared how he’s a bottom and I’m a vers top and all he replied to me was 🤭🤧 (which I don’t get at ALL!). Is he just leading me on? I also told him that he was a very good-looking guy, to which he replied “you do know I have a boyfriend RN lol”. I replied back saying “yeah I know, but I just wanted to let you know and I wanted to be honest with you so you’re aware. I’m not that asshole to get in the middle of other people’s relationships”.

From then on, I still felt like he was giving me mixed signals because some of his texts still looked like he was flirting with me/wanted to hang out if I was free. We also got into the habit of texting each other “good night” too. Idk maybe I’m just reading into things…

I was going to ask him if he really IS aware of my feelings for him today, but after getting to know him more, I guess I’ll just stick to being friends with him (hopefully become best friends as time progresses). He wanted to focus on school right now (we’re actually in the same class), and he felt like he actually wanted his boyfriend physically here, instead of on the East Coast. His boyfriend was always on/off busy and free, so while it was busy season, he didn’t give James any attention at all.

Tl;dr idk what to do with someone who’s giving me mixed signals and has a boyfriend. Should I confess my feelings to him just so I’m honest with myself and show him I care about him?

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What happens when you go into rehab?


A man in rehab looks out of a window

Rarely a week passes without us hearing about a celebrity entering a rehab or recovery center. What actually goes on when you enter such residential units remains, for most of us, something of a mystery.

Best-selling books, such as James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces and gay author Augusten Burroughs’ brilliant Dry both offer some insight into what it’s like inside a recovery facility. The latter, in particular, recounts the experience from a gay perspective.

Gay Star News talked to three other gay guys who had been through the experience.


Richard is in his late 40s and lives on the island of Jersey off the coast of southern England. He says he became aware in his early 30s that his drinking was getting out of hand.

In his late 30s, he made contact with alcohol counseling services on the island. He personally found them of limited use.

‘It got to a point where I had to give up my job before I was dismissed. Because it was becoming very obvious at work. They could smell alcohol on my breath every day.’

He says he was drinking up to a liter and a half of vodka a day. Becoming increasingly desperate, he changed doctors. His new physician suggested he enter a residential unit.

Richard voluntarily booked himself in the Priory in Southampton. The Priory is one of the best-known recovery center groups in the UK, with over a dozen premises.

It has a reputation for being favored by the rich and famous, although Richard is keen to stress his center had a wide mix of people (‘no celebrities’). The NHS (National Health Service) or medical insurance covered funding for most, but Richard paid for his own four weeks of treatment.

Some users need help to detox 

Richard says he continued to drink right up until the moment he walked through the door for his stay.

In fact, he was repeatedly warned not to try and go cold turkey himself as this could be dangerous. For alcohol, and certain other drugs such as opioids and heroin, heavy users may need medical assistance to detox.

After an initial evaluation with a doctor, Richard was informed he was a suitable candidate for treatment. They told him he could start his residential course a few days later.

He says being informed the center would take him, ‘was scary, because although I really, really wanted to give up drinking, it was really becoming a reality. I saw him on the Tuesday and I think on Thursday they told me I could come in on the Sunday.

‘At this point, I may add, the alcohol had got so bad that I could barely walk. I was using a walking stick. And I couldn’t walk very far. I’m 6’3” and I weighed just over 8 stone [112 pounds]. I was welcomed by a nurse and she took me down a small corridor.’

A faceless man sits on a bed in a rehab center

Some people entering rehab need assisance to safely detox (Photo: Felipe P Lima Rizo for Unsplash)

Beginning rehab

‘It’s a very old building and it has all the original features, except you could tell it wasn’t like a country manor anymore because of the fire exit signs, and a sort of hospital atmosphere about it,’ he says.

‘But it was clean and comfortable looking, and we walked down this corridor to what opened up to be a nurses station, and all the residential rooms were off there.

‘I was shown to a room and they said, do not close your door, you’re not allowed to close your door. We are monitoring you every 15 minutes.’

Richard was explained the ground rules. These included no communication with the outside world for the first week, so no cell phone or computer. He also wasn’t allowed to have anyone else in his bedroom. Clients were encouraged to socialize in a communal lounge area.

Once his blood alcohol levels sunk to a certain level, medication was administered to help his body detox safely.

Difficult first week

‘The first week was very hard,’ he reflects.

He says it wasn’t so much coming off alcohol he found most challenging, but having to take part in tough therapy sessions….