Online Events

We do a lot of our business online. Why not? This opens up an entire world that didn’t exist for network marketers even just a few years back.

Every week we schedule two separate webinars:

Network Marketing in 60 Minutes

Each Tuesday at 9PM EST/6PM PST we hold a online training webinar for anyone interested in network marketing. We cover tools, strategies, tips, resources, personal development, and more. This is not a business opportunity presentation.

The topics include the basics for the beginner, and more advanced information for those already working in the profession. Everyone is welcome.

There is time for questions as well. We like what we do. And we like sharing what we have learned with others.

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Wellness Opportunity Presentation

On Wednesdays at 9PM EST/6PM PST we offer a full business opportunity presentation for our own network marketing company. You learn about our products, our program, and our community.This is open to everyone – and it will be geared to recruiting new potential team members. Even if you aren’t interested in our program, you are invited to attend to see what works for us.

You can sign up with our team from the session. Or we can schedule an individual one-on-one connection to answer questions.

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An LGBT Network Marketing Boot-camp is in the works. Interested?


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