Crafting Your Network Marketing Story

Once you have joined a network marketing business – or if you are researching making the leap – you will learn┬áthat there are three components to the equation:

  1. Your Company’s Products
  2. Your Company’s Compensation Plan
  3. You

Which do you think is the most important? Of course. It is you.

Think about a company’s product lineup. Or compensation plan. First of all they are out of your control And they are very comparable with the competition. So when you are talking to a prospect you need to have a compelling reason why your company and plan are better than all the others. Or at least as good as anything out there.

This is the easy part.

More importantly you need to have your own network marketing story lined up. And it better be good.

Four requirements for your network marking story

Your network marketing story needs to be:

  1. Believable. First, when the listener hears your network marketing story, they need to come away with the feeling that this really is a true story. That your experience is not so far out there that no one could really have had that background. The caution here is to not make it seem so dire, so pitiful, that a normal person just couldn’t have achieved what you have achieved. But of course you are not normal, right?
  2. Relatable. In addition to being believable, the main character of the story (you) needs to be someone the listener can relate to. Someone they can empathize with on some level. Ideally the closer your story is to that of the listener, the more likely they will come away with the idea that they too can do what you did.
  3. Concise. Your story should be short – but powerful. Remember that the conversation with any prospect should be focused on the listener. Asking them questions. Letting them talk so you learn more. Get your story to a manageable length – just a few minutes is all that is needed. Otherwise the listener will start to get distracted.
  4. Compelling. The toughest requirement of your network marketing story is to have it be compelling. First think of the reason you are having the conversation. In a recruiting presentation you want to get the prospect to join your company. Gear your story with that in mind. You want the listener to realize – based on your story – that they can do just exactly what you did.

As you become successful in network marketing, you will have told your story many, many times. So you will have had the opportunity to fine tune it for maximum response. But at first – do not hesitate to practice it several times alone. So it will feel natural, and heartfelt.

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