The Phrase That Pays

How many network marketers listen to tons of “gurus” out there?

Each one with the magic bullet. The secret to unlocking untold success. With a system that will generate leads on demand. Sometimes at almost no cost.

There are plenty that are just there to sell you something. But the good ones provide value. Real information that you can implement today and change you business. And some of it (actually a lot of it) is for free.

One of the top ones is Eric Worre at Network Marketing PRO. I have heard the speakers from his GoPRO event in Las Vegas. And it was truly amazing. So much information. And the best part was that the ideas were things that any network marketer can implement right away and get results.

Recently I heard his short video The Magic Word For Network Marketing Success

One phrase – “If I, would you?”.  Simple, right? Simple and powerful.

So I thought, “Okay, let’s give it a try.” Wow, it really, really works!

I do a lot of marketing on Twitter. I have over 60k followers in a few different accounts. And so I started testing the phrase. I have automated messages that go out to anyone following me. Of course that can look like spam. Like something that is robotic. But you know it actually works. The numbers prove it for me.

I started using the phrase “If I sent you a link to my free health assessment, would you have a chance to check it out?” to all new followers. And the response has been overwhelming. (I actually need to get back over there to keep up with the conversations I started.)

I will work on the exact wording to make sure it is pulling in the results that I know it can. But so far, it is a success.

I want to share these types of tricks and tips with everyone I meet on here. I want everyone to have the same type of results. It will work for my team. And I know it can work for you and your team if you give it a shot.

Once you start using it come back and share your experience in the comments below. That is how we learn. No reason to reinvent the wheel right? If someone is handing it to us.

Have a great week there and good luck in your network marketing career!


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