Every successful network marketing professional has a set of tools that they use for recruiting and team building. Some tools are provided by your network marketing company – and we recommend that you make the most of those.  After all they were probably designed by successful entrepreneurs who are very interested in your success.

To be a success you will need:

Your Story

Your personal story is critical to your success. People don’t join network marketing companies only for the products. They will be joining you.

Make sure you have a compelling, succinct story that describes why you are in the business. What drew you to it? Why are you successful? What motivates you?

Passion is key. As we have heard it said, people want to join you on your journey. So make it compelling.


Today’s network marketing profession is no different than any other business. They succeed online.

You need to have an online site that is useful for presenting your opportunity as well as for selling product. Fortunately the days of investing in inventory, storing it in the garage and hoping to sell it are long gone.

Your network marketing company is going to provide with the site that drives your business. You want to make it as personal as possible. Your job is to get people there and make the sale.

It can also be useful to have your own personal website or blog. This helps you by building your credibility and reputation. You can also present a more personal side to your business. Standing out from the crowd is important.


One of your objectives – especially when starting out – is to build your email list. There are many ways to do this. And we will be covering those in the Network Marketing in 60 Minutes webinars.

You will need an email system – provided by your company or on your own – to keep in constant communication with your leads, recruits, and team members.

The good news is that the latest systems provide an incredible level of automation and targeting. So you aren’t stuck at the keyboard sending out emails individually.

Social Media

Who isn’t on Facebook? Or Twitter? Or Instagram? Or YouTube? The top network marketers use them all to some degree.

The most successful social media strategies include building an audience (followers, etc.) and then developing engagement. The good news is that you don’t need to be an expert to use these tools. Just a few good ideas and you will benefit from the latest technology

It is critical that you focus on one or two and master them before spreading yourself too thin. But the world of social media is powerful in recruiting and team building.

This is another aspect of network marketing that we will be covering in the weekly webinars.


Just think of the power in that little device which is probably within arm’s reach of you right now. You can access the entire web as well as carry out almost every online task from wherever you are. Pretty amazing, right? Email, social media, apps – they all make your business a whole lot easier than in the past.

In some countries almost all of online connections are done on mobile devices. So it is critical that you make the most of the tool you already have.

Presentation Materials

Professional presentation materials are what helps you recruit. Think of how you were recruited if you are already in a network marketing program. The presentation adds incredible authority to every business opportunity.

Presentation materials have moved online. You can be at a Starbucks and make a full opportunity pitch from your iPad or your laptop.

The presentation materials don’t close the deal. That is your job. But it a whole lot easier if you have the tools in place before your meeting.


One of the strengths of the network marketing profession is the design of everyone having an individual who brought thing into the program. The position of a mentor is built in. And that person has a vested interested in your success.

Our recommendation when you decide to join a network marketing company is to choose wisely. You want to be on the team of someone successful. Someone that know how to build a business. And that you can work with – maybe on a daily basis.

There are other mentors in most marketer’s lives as well. There are many industry leaders who regularly offer their services and coaching to others and much of it for free. Take advantage of every opportunity you can.

And – you see where this is going – you are going to fill the role of mentor or team leader to others. So learn from the best so you can pass it along.


This is the good part. In this industry you get to work with people you choose. How often does that happen in corporate America? If there are bozos on your team, it is because you put them there, right?

Team building starts with how you recruit. Where you recruit. It is easier to develop a team that make you a success if you take the time and effort putting it together wisely.

But team building is not a one-time event. It is an ongoing process. Engaging and motivating the troops so to speak is just part of the job. But if you are like us, that is actually part of the fun.


When you join the network marketing profession you are actually part of a much larger community.  There are so many talented and interesting individuals you will meet along the way.

As part of the LGBT community you already familiar with the concept. One of the reasons we have developed this group, this site, is to work on developing a larger base of our own like-minded individuals in the profession.

We are glad you are here.

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